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Carlin follows The Boss from his beginnings in Freehold, N. He captures all the passion, including Springsteen’s conflicted romantic life. tour, Bruce’s song introductions and midshow stories focused on a subject he had rarely mentioned in a specific way: sex and romance. (The occasional sweep of an arm did the trick.) Various tales setting up “Pink Cadillac” made its horndog lyrics all the more vivid, while the introduction to “I’m Goin’ Down” traced the arc of a relationship in terms of a couple’s sexual patterns.He married actress Julianne Phillips in 1985, but by the end of the Tunnel of Love Express Tour, his passionate duets with bandmate Patti Scialfa were becoming a bit too realistic. “(First) you’re making love to ’em all the time, three or four times a day. it’s like ‘Are you gonna make love to me tonight, or are we gonna wait for the full moon again,’ y’know?And the prospect of taking up with his newest band member, weaving a romance into the always-complex chemistry of the E Street Band while also stirring up a tabloid frenzy couldn’t have seemed appealing.

People kept asking if they had a problem, and I always said no.

And Julianne wasn’t anywhere on his train of thought.” * * * Both halves of the couple kept news of their breakup as quiet as possible.

No press releases, no leaks to friendly reporters, no public heart-to-hearts with “People” or Barbara Walters.

A quick run through the two-year Brooks College in Long Beach, California, prefaced an early-eighties move to New York, where she joined the Elite modeling agency, soon earning top rates as a vision of fresh-scrubbed sensuality. All of which proved entirely beguiling to Bruce, who could also sense Julianne’s warmth and lack of Hollywood pretense.

That she also knew her way around his favorite rock ’n’ roll classics was another bonus.

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